Under Construction - Territorial Woods Apts, Maple Grove, MN

Territorial Woods Apartments in Maple Grove, MN is a new three (3) story, 98 unit, wood-framed building with a 40,345 square foot first floor and 40,981 square foot second and 41,981 square foot third floor; with a combined total of 162,652 square feet.

We are excited to announce that we broke ground for Territorial Woods Apartments December, 2017.

The concrete crew has begun pouring the basement slab and has completed the entire west wing and a portion of the center area. At this time stone/brick crews are continuing work on the south end of the west wing and will continue working into the courtyard. The siding is at about 75% completion around the building. Painters are working on the last portion of the third floor units and plan to have 3rd floor completed by the beginning of September. All production drywall is completed in the building and taping/mudding is in full force on 1st floor. Crews have decided to focus on 1st floor in hopes to be textured before gypcrete. Gypcrete crew will be working on completing 2nd floor next week. Half of the 3rd floor cabinets have been delivered as well as half of the 3rd floor unit LVP. All unit duct work has been completed and HVAC crews have begun equipment install on 3rd floor and will continue next week. Electricians have installed all of the site lighting; light poles and exterior building lights. At this time the electrical conduits from the transformer have been tied into the building and the panels have been set, main feeder wire will be delivered middle of September.